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SKIDS: Traumatized Kids and the School System

I recently heard about the documentary SKIDS from Hanna of The Bullsh*t Positivity Project. It focuses on kids attending Vanguard Secondary in Langley, B.C., Canada, which is not far from where I live. Vanguard Secondary is an alternative school that takes a trauma-informed approach, recognizing that trauma is at the root of the significant challenges […]

SKIDS: Traumatized Kids and the School System


Hi! My name is Mandy. Newly wed, mother of 8, grandmother of 4. Fur momma of 3. Recovering addict. Poet (aspired). Im creating this blog to put my feelings into words. Im that person that in the heat of the moment my mind goes blank on how to respond or put my feelings into words, even tho my mind was working 2 minutes ago and I had the whole conversation planned. So, here we are.  Some of this blog will be thoughts, confessions, poems, or just my revelation of a fucked up day. Kinda my open diary. Im a sucker for inspiration and words of wisdom so bring it on! Not every day is as bad as it seems. My mind is my darkest friend. But, once putting thoughts into words I can rationalize where im right or wrong (rarely wrong as I am woman...🤫😉). I hope you enjoy and understand this is a work in progress.... 

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